With our environment in mind

2009/8/27 0:00


Through our technologies we improve the quality of indoor and outdoor living and lessen the environmental impact from cleaning on the environment. It is a goal for us to accomplish more with less -simultaneously improving our environmental behavior whilst reducing cost. This is done by technologies that reduce use of detergents, energy and water - but still deliver the same high quality cleaning job. At the same time our machines have to be user friendly giving the operators the best possible working conditions. ​


Optimal product recycling begins in the design and concept phase of a product. Engineers of the Nilfisk-Advance Group evaluate the ecological effect over the whole life cycle of the product. Our product design guidelines dictate using more recyclable materials in the products we design, as well as planning for how materials can be reclaimed after use. This helps in securing the greatest ecological improvement over the whole life cycle of the product.

Nilfisk-Advance is committed to:

  • Furthering healthy indoor environments
  • Designing our products to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact for our customers, both during use and after the products’ useful lives
  • Practice environmentally responsible purchasing for the materials used in our products and in our operations
  • Produce our products using lowestenvironmental- impact production processes
  • Operate our facilities using sustainable methods and practices
  • Educate our customers, delivery partners and the industry about sustainable cleaning practices